Today Was My First Day Back at Nations Changers...

Today was my first day back at Nations Changers. I was greeted with great big hugs and many little ones yelling β€œTeacher Gabi!! Teacher Gabi!!,” as I walked through the gates of the school. It was only a week away yet it felt like I was gone for months. I missed these shining faces and adorable little laughs. I missed the way they bring me porridge when it is time for snack and how they laugh when I eat Posho with them for lunch. I missed the silly little games we play on the swing set and the round of hide and seek that usually goes on for hours. Today was my first day back at Nations Changers and boy was it good to be home.

I spent most of today in the clinic. I found out today that one of my little ones, Martin, is sick and I sat with him for hours as the nurse removed the wounds from his precious little head. He squeezed my hand so tight and tried so very hard not to cry, but eventually both of us had steams of tears rushing down our face. Its so very hard to watch him in pain, it breaks my heart. I am torn in two over what to do to treat this little one but all I know is that I will be by his side no matter what.

I also spent time with my baby Patricia, taking selfies and playing with her new stuffed animal dog. She told me she missed me in Lugandan and those sweet words never meant so much. We spent a good hour playing peek-a-boo, which usually only lasts 2 minutes but for some reason today Patricia found it so so funny. I could listen to her laugh for hours.

Today was my first day back at Nations Changers and it was full of ups and downs, of tears and smiles, of laughter and pain but it is so good to be back.

These next four days will never be enough.