It's Been A Week & Fours Days...

It's been a week and four days since I left my second home and my mind still struggles for the words to express how I feel.

My brain is constantly wondering "why in the world I'm not there" and I often struggle to find the answer. 

My life at home starts to feel so pointless, like I'm just waiting until I return to Uganda again. 

This happens almost every trip I take. I return home and my heart feels heavy, I become quick to judge others and snap at those I love the most. I struggle with the idea that we have so much and still are never satisfied. I get angry at the quick paced life we all live and often isolate myself for a bit instead of sharing all I have experienced. 


But this time it's different. 


Although I miss it, although things are different, although life seems a bit less meaningful, I still carry this sense of peace with me. 

"My peace I peace with you, My peace I give you."

I have been filled with this remarkable peace that only comes from my heavenly father. I have brought home that joy that consumes my soul in Uganda and that is something I have prayed for time and time again. I have not isolated myself but rather poured my heart into those around me who are willing to listen. I am taking all that He has formed me to be and sharing it. 

Yes, my heart aches when I think of little Patricia and her sassy self, or Benita's sweet hugs and hide and go seek games, but I know I will be back soon. I know the Lord is watching over them. 

It's been a week and four days since I left my second home and these are the best words I could come up with to express how I feel.

It's not much but its all I got.