Reygan for Free People

Some shoots you just know are going to be your favorite. When it shoot with Reygan, I always know she's gonna kill it. This little one was my first ever model to shoot & will always have special place in my heart.

Heres to wandering trails with people who inspire you & making the most of the golden hour!



Hustle + Halcyon

Had the best time shooting with Payton for her blog:

Check out these images!


Desert Dreamers Getaway

It is a bit crazy how this world works, how social media has completely changed the way this whole industry grows. I attended my very first "insta meet up" and to be honest was a bit nervous. 

 But after leaving Joshua Tree that night, I was so very thankful for a day where my creative soul could grow and thrive around others whose hearts beat for the same things as mine.

I want to say a huge thank you to Allegra for hosting this little get together. I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I do!


Be sure to check out the blogs and websites of the fellow creatives that attended this little getaway with me! | | | | |

Weekend Getaway to Korakia Pensione

This retreat was like no other. Although we had to dodge some cloudy skies, I still loved pretending it was summer for just one weekend. 

Nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains, my lovely friend and I got the opportunity to obsess over this sweet place. 


Alea's Senior Photos

My absolute favorite part of my job is by far the senior sessions I do with the graduates from my previous High School. There's so much excitement for what is to come, with a bit of justified nervousness thrown in. I just can't explain it but theres something magical about senior photos. 

I had the pleasure of capturing sweet Alea's photos last week, and it was such a blast. As we wandered around Leo Carrillo Ranch, we got to catch up a bit and chat about college and senior year and all the sweet memories that come along with it. Alea is one gem of a gal and I am so lucky to have captured these memories.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful snapshots as much as I do.

Xx Gabriella

Royalie Spring Shoot with Jamie Kidd

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jamie Nicole Kidd and Shop Royalie to shoot some of their upcoming Spring pieces. Take a look!

Free People New York

Had the best time shooting for FPnewyorkcity!

Wandering around central park and meandering through the streets, I loved nothing more than just capturing these two.

Up Up & Away

Probably the biggest highlight of my New York City trip was the helicopter ride over the city. Although it was a bit chilly and my fingers were freezing up trying to click the button on my camera, it was so worth it. 

We booked the chopper through Fly Nyon and absolutely loved it. 

I'd highly recommend it & most likely will be doing it again when I head back to the city. 


'Tis The Season

I never was one to loveee family photos. I always thought I was more of a fashion or lifestyle photographer, not dying to shoot much else. But this past holiday season has blown me away. Here are some of my favorite shots from these past couple of weeks. Enjoy! Xx

The Vonk Family

The Bakkeby's

Carpenter Kiddos

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